Get informed with AFPAAS

by Senior Master Sgt. Patrick Bennett
786th Force Support Squadron

You’re on a beautiful and much deserved vacation when a seemingly harmless protest turns violent or a natural disaster occurs, resulting in widespread panic and civil unrest across the country.

Unfortunately, in today’s world these scenarios are becoming increasingly more realistic. With spring break and summer vacations fast approaching, the Air Force and its leaders want to ensure Airmen and their families know what to do if and when crisis or disaster strike.

To ensure accountability of its most valuable resource (its Airmen), the Air Force has developed the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System.
The AFPAAS was created to standardize a method of reporting for active duty, selected reserve (reflected in Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System), Department of Defense civilians (appropriated and non-appropriated), Air Force contractors and their families while providing the chain of command valuable information allowing leaders to make strategic decisions and facilitate a return to stability.

The AFPAAS has other capabilities other than accounting for your status.
Personnel can update contact and location information and search for personnel.
There is also an abundance of resources on the site, including Military OneSource, current weather warnings and watches, and information concerning the latest outbreaks on viruses.

Here are a few simple steps to report your status:
1. Go to
2. Select the “Airmen/Civilians” button
3. Login to AFPAAS using a Common Access Card, username/password, or personal information
4. Complete assessment (if affected)

Note: The AFPAAS can also be accessed from the Air Force Portal, and the Air Force Personnel Center website (

Once on the AFPAAS site, you will notice five tabs: “Home,” “My Info,” “Assessment,” “Reference” and “Help” to assist in navigating the web page.
Using the “Home” tab allows you to view announcements and lists current events, available resources and other useful links. “My Info” gives you the opportunity to update personal and family member information.

If you access the “Assessment” tab and you are not affected by an event, you will get a “thumbs up.” If you are affected, you will be asked to complete a short accountability assessment for you and your family members.

The “Reference” tab lists key phone numbers and points of contact for agencies, such as the Air Force Personnel Readiness Center, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, American Red Cross and Tricare. The last tab is “Help,” which allows you to provide feedback regarding AFPAAS in the spirit of constant improvement.

Realizing that not everyone will have immediate access to a computer, the AFPAAS can also be accessed using certain Smartphones.

Capabilities are constantly being expanded and currently include a mobile phone web app accessible through your phone’s browser (no app to download saves you space), Smartphone friendly user interface, and simple steps that lead the user through the accountability process. The mobile version does have some limitations as it is only available to sponsors.

Also, the mobile program is available to only personnel affected by an event and it can’t be used to update contact information apart from an event. Another limitation is the mobile version is designed for only iPhone, Android and certain touch-screen BlackBerry phones (not iPad or non-touch screen phones).

Those members not having access to a computer or Smartphone and are unable to contact their unit control center or commanding officer representative should contact the Air Force Personnel Center Personnel Readiness Cell at 800-435-9941.
Serving overseas has many benefits and we should take time to enjoy the many opportunities to travel while here in Europe.
With those opportunities come the responsibility to have a plan in place should a crisis or natural disaster occur.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the system and its capabilities. For more information regarding AFPAAS, contact your local Installation Personnel Readiness Office.

Note: The Army and Navy have similar systems in the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System, and Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System respectively.