Get ready for power outages near you

Senior Airman Dan Lanphear
Kaiserslautern American

The 735th Civil Engineer Squadron will be cleaning out power stations across Ramstein daily between Tuesday and Oct. 24 as part of an annual preventive maintenance program. Apparently, a clean transformer is a happy transformer.
Since those humming boxes have a lot of current flowing through them, CE will shut off power to individual stations before scrubbing them out. Cleanings are done every year, but in past years, coordination and notification problems have led to confusion and inconvenience for power customers. This year, the CE plan is designed to minimize negative effects.

CE will not restrict access to facilities, but there may not be much light. General schedules for various facilities will be published in the CE Corner of the Kaiserslautern American.

Outages will affect different areas in different ways, and for different lengths of time. It could be two hours, but it could be all day. Ask your facility managers about your building, and how you should prepare. Additionally, you can call the CE customer service desk at 480-6546.