Get your CFC on

***image1***The Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas, part of the largest workplace charitable giving program in the world, is underway now to Nov. 30. The Ramstein Combined Federal Campaign team will host a charity auction at 5 p.m. Nov. 16. There will be an open viewing period so attendees may scope out items of interest, then the bidding will start. The winner of each item gets a two-for-one deal; he or she gets to take the item home, and gets to designate a charity of their choice to send their bid dollars to. There are more than 2,000 charities from which to choose.

How much would it take to make a “World of Difference”?
$2 per month buys a winter sleeping bag for a homeless child
$3 per month supplies a luncheon for families of deployed servicemembers to thank them for their sacrifice
$6 per month promotes environmental conservation in an isolated village of a developing country
$8 per month supplies a doctor with one surgical kit to assist earthquake victims
$9 per month helps rebuild a war-torn country
$10 per month feeds a child for 30 days

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