Get your CFC on

***image1***How much would it take to make a “World of Difference”?
$2 per month removes 100 pounds of trash from a beach
$8 per month provides some clothing and supplies to a fire victim
$8 per month buys one infant scale to monitor child suffering from malnutrition
$9 per month can help a child with cerebral palsy through four therapy sessions
$12 per month protects six acres of rainforest
$20 per month provides vaccines against measles, yellow fever, diphtheria, tuberculosis and polio for 60 children in a developing country
$20 per month can deliver a “waiting child” out of an institution and into the arms of a loving family
$21 per month stocks a medical chest at a rural health clinic
$25 per month sponsors a career exploration program for a young adult
$31 per month buys medicines to treat 1,000 adults and children for three months
$43 per month connects a child at risk with a caring mentor for one year
$50 per month buys one veterinary kit to help keep a town’s livestock healthy in a developing country