Getting to know your neighbors saves

by Don Doran
U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern

Do you know your American neighbors?  Do you sometimes cross paths with them while on post shopping, or maybe at the bank or post office?

The U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern’s Directorate of Public Works is trying to raise community environmental awareness, and one of the many common sense tips can save energy and resources, and leave more money in your wallet by stretching the fuel in your gas tank.

For instance, get to know your neighbor and see if you can’t consolidate your trips.  We all have errands to run, and as a matter of convenience, we usually hop in the car and go just like our neighbors – all alone.

As gas prices climb higher and higher, we can reduce the personal cost of these trips by making fewer of them.  Coordinating your required stops at the post exchange, commissary and community bank may work nicely with their needed stops. You may soon look forward to making these outings with friends and find that you now have money to “do lunch” since it’s not going into the gas tank.

What if you live “way out there,” and don’t have neighbors to carpool with?  Try a little more planning and a little less jumping in the car to run a single errand.   This will also save you money and help our environment.

We can each play a part in environmental protection – many small steps combined can make large differences in air quality, energy use and conservation of resources, as well as more money in our pocket.