Giving thanks with music

In August 2009, Rudi Straßer from Queidersbach (just south of Landstuhl) nearly died in a home accident. When he survived, he decided to give back to the community.

The home accident occurred after Mr. Straßer attempted to clean the moss from his roof. Mr. Straßer secured his ladder against the roof and climbed up, but after reaching the top he fell more than 12 feet and onto a large machine on the ground. He stood up in shock and started walking, trying to regain his senses. A neighbor saw Mr. Straßer and immediately called an ambulance. In the meantime, he collapsed and lost consciousness.

A rescue helicopter arrived and took the 71-year-old retiree to the hospital in Kaiserslautern.

Mr. Straßer had 17 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken shoulder, a concussion and kidney failure. They performed an operation, but Mr. Straßer remained in a coma for four weeks. During three of these four weeks, it was not clear if he
would survive.

When he regained consciousness, Mr. Straßer spent another two weeks in rehab.
Though still not 100 percent recuperated, Mr. Straßer said he is happy about the gift of a “second life.”

“Everybody and everything helped me,” he said. “doctors, friends, the medicine I took, and my will to survive — all played an important role in my recovery.”
His way of saying “thank you” will take the form of a “Galaabend der Volkmusik,” a gala evening of folk music, Sept. 17 at the Mehrzweckhalle Queidersbach (Multipurpose building in Queidersbach). The proceeds will go to the Elterninitiative Krebskranker Kinder in Saarland (parents’ initiative for children with cancer in Saarland) and Onkologischen Zentrum der Homburger Kinderklinik (oncology unit of the Homburg childrens’ clinic).

To attend the concert and contribute to this cause, call Mr. Straßer at 06371-618-130 or the Kaiserslautern Tourist Information Office at
0631-365 2316.

(Courtesy of AdvantiPro. Information also courtesy of Monika Klein, Die Rheinpfalz.)