Going out of this world during ‘space week’

Jo Powell
Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School

***image1***Future astronauts, stargazers and UFO fans at Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School were in their element during Space Week, March 7 to 11.

The main attraction was the Star Lab, a portable planetarium, run by Michael Roylance, sixth-grade science teacher.

“You crawl in and it’s dark,” said third-grader Piper Flood. “Then there is a ball that turns around, showing shapes and constellations and stars. A high school girl told stories about the constellations, like the one about a dog.”

Ramstein American High School seniors Stephanie Nichols and William Rubenstein, and junior Matthew Terruso presented Star Lab to the younger students.

“It is very cool – like a real space shuttle,” said fifth-grader Timo Engel of the model space shuttle.

A special ongoing exhibit is the Universe Wall, where students post cutouts of their versions of UFOs and spaceships. Students also built an “Out of this World” art gallery throughout the school halls.

Karen Kantor, LEMS reading specialist, hosted numerous reading activities with the theme, “Reach for the Stars.”

Students answered questions in a raffle quiz such as, “Who was the first person on the moon?”

Sixth-grader Tia Armstrong was the winner of a space quiz raffle, receiving a telescope.

Teachers carried out various classroom activities as well.
Manuela Buerkle, third-grade teacher, had her class draw spaceships and then took them to their first-grade buddies to color, while reading them space stories.

“The kids really had a blast,” said Sara Guth, second-grade teacher. “We pulled out all the space science books.”

Space Week ended with “Old Sci-Fi Movie Night.” Students of all ages came to see the 1953 version of “War of the Worlds” and “Wallace and Gromit, a Grand Day Out.”

“‘Wallace and Gromit’ was great,” said third-grader Miguel Ramirez. “My favorite part was the robot skiing on the moon!”