Good ambassadors for Christmas

Brig. Gen. Rob Kane
86th Airlift Wing/KMC commander

The Holiday Season is such a special time of year, and I thank you and your families for your sacrifices and steadfast commitment to protecting freedom. This past year has been an amazing year. Your accomplishments are nothing short of a miracle, and are too numerous to list here. But the bottom line is: your lasting footprints are almost everywhere over our globe … most significantly in Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia. You have literally saved and improved the lives of countless numbers of people. Be proud of what you have done … I am, and your nation is.

This special time of year provides the perfect opportunity to take some time to reflect. I encourage you to pause and reflect on your faith, your family, your comrades, your service, and your accomplishments. Our mission must still go on. What you do everyday allows others to enjoy peace and security. However, make opportunities during this season to spend extra time with your family and with your friends. Let them know how important they are. Also, remember those who cannot be with their families during this season. Take care of them.

Being stationed in Germany with its beautiful country and culture provides a great backdrop for relaxing and reflecting. Take advantage of that setting. As you do, however, remember that in everything you do, you are representing our great Air Force and our great nation. Don’t take that responsibility lightly. Also, please think safety first, and reduce the risks (ORM) in everything you do. Put into practice everything you have learned about force protection, don’t drink and drive, and take care of each other.
Next year promises to be as challenging and significant as 2005. Be careful over the holiday season. We need you back next year. Thank you for all you do in the defense of our great nation. Your sacrifices, positive attitudes, and your commitment to our nation are a daily inspiration to me. Katy and I sincerely wish each and every one of you and your families a joyous holiday season and New Year.