Hardline Spare
86th MXG band entertains the KMC

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Coined from a maintenance term that refers to a plane that is locked, cocked and ready to rock, Hardline Spare the band is always ready to play.

The band started almost two years ago upon the request of 86th Maintenance Group commander Col. Park Plumb.

Following the request, a mass e-mail about band tryouts was sent to all members of the group.

After some auditions, the band made its first appearance at a commander’s call. The band’s combination of music styles was an instant hit.

“We play a little classic rock, a little country and a little bit of everything,” said Staff Sgt. Adrian Wyatt, 86th Maintenance Squadron crew chief, who is also the band’s lead vocalist and also plays a little saxophone.

Since that commander’s call, the band has been tabbed to play at many different military events and its services have also been requested for a couple of personal events.

The six-member band has performed at crud tournaments, golf tournaments, freedom fests, including the opening act for this year’s fest and various maintenance group functions.

“Freedom Fest is an awesome experience; it’s always great to be on stage, playing for the people. It’s a rush really,” said Sergeant Wyatt.

They have also performed at a bar in Kaiserslautern and at a wedding. The band is paid for all events in which they perform and all proceeds go toward the band.

The band schedules their gigs through Senior Master Sgt. Edward Madden, 86 MXS first sergeant and band manager.

“Being selected as the band manager has been an honor and a privilege. Hardline Spare tackles any challenge with enormous enthusiasm and a ready to go attitude,” said Sergeant Madden. “Working with such professionals from across the entire maintenance group has opened my eyes to the magnitude of talent we have in today’s Air Force.”

Sergeant Wyatt said one of the toughest parts of maintaining the band is people PCSing to different locations. The band has lost two bassists, three guitarists, a main drummer and a female vocalist since it started and is now down to about six people.

“It’s tough to replace bassists, but we all wear the uniform and we are all aware that people come and go,” said Sergeant Wyatt.

One of the best parts about the group is that it shows how a small group of people can show a huge amount of teamwork in a short amount of time, said Sergeant Wyatt.

Sergeant Wyatt is currently making a bid to get into the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band and hopes if he leaves, Hardline Spare will continue entertain for years to come.

Hardline Spare’s next event is tonight. They will perform for Colonel Plumb’s going away ceremony at the Potzberg Turm Hotel in Föckelberg.