Hats on while eating!

***image1***My husband and I frequent the Officers’ Club, on average, twice a week for lunch and it never fails that officers, senior NCOs and NCOs are sitting outside the Italian place without their hats. We have also observed this at the golf course, and the food court on the south side. My husband and I correct this and either receive attitude or comments like, “but we are eating” or “what if we are sitting under the umbrella?” I suggest exterior permanent signs posted in these outdoor eating areas would remind people of the standard that they so easily forget when eating outside.

We appreciate your leadership in reminding people of the proper wear of the uniform. As for your recommendation for signage, we believe the best approach is to have supervisors, commanders and people like yourselves continue to enforce the standards. Additionally, signs detract from the appearance of our facilities which we’ve worked so hard to improve. All Air Force members must uphold current standards as outlined in AFI36-2903, Table 2.8. Proper headgear must be worn outdoors, while in uniform except for in designated no-hat areas. Guidance for the establishment of “no-hat” areas stipulates that these areas be designated as such only for mission or safety reasons. They are not designated for convenience and should be kept to an absolute minimum.