Haunted Tent City gives good fright

Emily Reagan
Kaiserslautern American

There’s something about clowns. They’re evil with extreme makeup, wicked grins and bright, friendly colors that should entice children…

So why would I pay to have those horrid monsters scare me? Because it’s Halloween, of course!

The 435th Construction and Training Squadron had more than enough evil clowns, along with other scary creatures in this year’s Haunted Tent City. And best of all, it only cost $4 to have them terrify me.

***image2***The fact that I pay money to get frightened and seek thrills perplexes me. I jumped, jolted, squeaked, screamed and even ran from those pretend monsters. Before you laugh at me realize that half the time I was stuck in one of the most vulnerable positions of the group… the end.

As I staggered through nine themed stations for 20 minutes, the anticipation is what got me. At each turn I was expecting something or someone to pop out at me. I knew the clowns were waiting for me.

And the monsters don’t just say “boo,” they really get into it. With all the moaning, screaming and Hannibal Lector breathing on my neck — it was pure method acting. The chainsaw killer chased me, the boogie men came out of nowhere behind me and those creepy clowns…

***image3***The set ups were elaborate. The fake body parts, blood, violent scenes and grotesque masks were too gory for small children. The best part was “The Maze” a long labyrinth of white hallways with strobe lights and monsters darting through the fog.

Each year the 435th CTS operates this popular haunted house, just outside Ramstein’s West Gate, to raise money for their squadron and for charities. So at least I paid to get scared for worthy causes. After all, what’s Halloween without a good fright and a few evil clowns?