Have you closed out your PCS yet?

Did you PCS this summer? If you did, you’ve likely unpacked most of the boxes, completed your PCS travel voucher, settled your kids in their new schools and tackled new duties on the job.

But, you’re not done with your move yet if you haven’t completed your personal property customer satisfaction survey.

Well, “survey” is not the best way to think of the CSS — think of it as a “scorecard” or a “grade report” for both the government and industry organizations that were involved in moving your household to your new duty station. Whether this move was your best move ever, just average or your worst, you need to complete the short 12-question survey to ensure Air Force leadership is aware of how your move went.

The results are used in two ways. First, the military services use the results to determine how well the origin and destination personal property offices did in assisting you.

Additionally, your ratings on how well your commercial moving company performed determines how much business they will get from the Department of Defense in the future.

You can do your part in ensuring quality future moves for thousands of military and civilian movers by completing the survey when it arrives in your e-mail inbox between 7 and 21 days following delivery of your property.

If you didn’t get the e-mail, select the “Personal Property/POV” link at www.SDDC.army.mil to access the survey. Or, contact your local personal property office at 489-7727 or 0631-536-7727 for assistance.

(Courtesy of 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron)