Healthy Pet: Pet Tails from Dr. Lia

Dr. Liana Meisel-Gehl
Radio Veterinarian on SR3 and Owner of the Veterinary Clinic Zweibrücken


Whether your new family member is a thoroughbred or a crossbred dog, from the animal shelter or bought from a recognized breeder, this small animal will change your life.

To own a dog means being responsible for a creature with very special needs. This means having to go for walks every morning and evening no matter the weather, potty training the puppy and teaching it good behavior and commands. In a short period of time, the dog will turn from a puppy into a fully grown dog and learn everything that a well brought up dog must know.

During the first days with you, your dog might show signs of home sickness. It misses its mother and siblings as well as the people who had been taking care of it until now. You have to compensate for that loss by giving your little pet security and by becoming its friend, leader and partner during these first few days.

The puppy needs to be fed, always supplied with fresh water and given a secure place to sleep. Clear instructions and limitations are just as important to your dog as the contact to other people and other dogs. A good puppy playgroup and dog training school will help with the upbringing of your dog.

From a medical point, it will need a veterinary check-up, shots and parasite control at 12 weeks old.Thoroughly protecting your puppy and spoiling the pet is a real need for most pet owners.

The pets thank their masters with the obligatory tail waggle, their true loyalty, friendship and unconditional love. A dog will bring a bit more joy and happiness to your life!