Hochschwarzwald Summer hiking

Photo by Bjorn Keith / Shutterstock.com

The High Black Forest is a geographical, region in the south-west of the German federal state Baden-Württemberg, primarily in the Southern Black Forest. It is an all-season paradise that offers something for everyone when it comes to outdoor adventures.

During the Summer there are too many areas to mention so I will narrow it down to a few that are great for one day or weekend adventures. 

There are a variety of accommodations in the area that range from luxury hotels, vacation apartments, youth hostels, farms, and mountain cottages. Most issue you a Konus or Hochschwarzwald Card that allows you free or discount bus or Bahn transportation for easy, convenient travel throughout the region thus eliminating driving around to search for one of your choice hiking areas especially during high season when vacation traffic can be well beyond frustrating.

The following trails vary in ratings from easy to difficult and are clearly marked along the way.

What to bring:

Sturdy hiking shoes or boots, all-weather clothing that includes layers, water, snacks, first aid kit, toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellant and Euro. Most remote huts and mountain areas do not accept plastic.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Stay on the trails to avoid disturbing wildlife and eco systems.
  • Keep your pets in control, and make sure that you clean up after them.
  • Take plenty of breaks if you are not used to being in high elevations.
  • Check weather conditions as they can change rapidly in this region.

For more information about activities, events, offers, and services visit https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/

Photos by Mor65_Mauro Piccardi, travelpeter / Shutterstock.com

The Wichtelpfad

This is a short hike that makes it one of the best family-friendly hikes in the region. It is excellent for all ages and includes amazing views, a virtual balloon ride in the house of nature, a kid play area as well as food and drink at the Familotel Feldberg Hof. If the weather turns sour you can take a break in their winter garden that has amazing views of the mountains and valleys.

Distance: 1.8 km
Time estimate: 2 hours
Experience: Excellent
Terrain: Excellent
Difficulty Rating: Easy, specifically for families with children

Detailed info: https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/touren/wichtelpfad-feldberg-7bdd4a8506

Bildstein Tour

If you are a Nordic walker or trail runner the Bildstein tour will meet all of your needs. At 1,134 meters high you can enjoy an amazing view of the Schluchsee as well as the surrounding peaks and valleys. The Bildsteintour is also one of the premium hiking trails that is well maintained and well signposted. The Schluch lake is a great place for a picnic, rest break, great food and for a swim in the clear mountain water.

Distance: 9.1 km
Time estimate: 2 hours
Difficulaty Rating: Easy

Detailed info: https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/touren/bildstein-tour-66a60185d


An amazing hike that is fun for the entire family. A great place to cool down on a hot day because you can dip into the shallows or stand under the waterfalls. Along the way you can document your experience with a stamp in the form of a cuckoo clock that registers you as a hiker along the Hochschwarzwälder Wanderpass. Along the way you can also visit the mountaintop shops in Todtnauberg or the valley shop in Todtnau that offer a variety of local food, drinks and souvenirs.

Distance: 12.4 km
Time estimate: 4 hours
Experience: Excellent
Terrain: Excellent
Difficulty Rating: Moderate

Detailed info: https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/touren/geniesserpfad-wasserfallsteig-9069394c27


This trail is considered a premium hiking area that has a circular route with paths that lead to sightseeing vantage points through one of the best nature reserves in Germany. There are also several mountain huts along the way to stop for local food and drink. It has challenging uphill climbs and is not recommended for small children or strollers.

Distance: 12.4 km
Time estimate: 5 hours
Experience: Excellent
Terrain: Excellent
Difficulty Rating: Difficult

Detailed info: https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/touren/geniesserpfad-feldbergsteig-9800dccd10

Von Hinterzartenauf den Höchsten

This hike leads you up to Feldberg where you can visit the Bismark monument and the Feldberg tower at a height of 1495 meters. On the way down you can take the nature trails through colorful wildflower meadows and stop at the Zastler hut or the Baldenweger hut for amazing views while enjoying local refreshments that include some of the best schnapps in the region. Not recommended for small children or strollers.

Distance: 26.7 km
Time estimate: 8.5 hours
Experience: Good
Terrain: Very Good
Difficulty Rating: Difficult

Detailed info: https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/touren/zum-hoechsten-c0e97fc8f3