Housing Hype – February 10, 2023

Kaiserslautern Military Community’s Family Housing On-Base Resident Reminders:

Pet Ownership

Being a pet owner can bring joy and wellbeing to both the pet and the owner. With ownership comes responsibility.

Pet ownership in Germany and in government quarters is a privilege. Residents in family housing must comply with applicable laws, installation-specific requirements for pet ownership, registration, control and vaccination.

Pet owners must register their pet(s) with the Veterinary Clinic located on Pulaski Barracks within ten working days after arrival in the KMC. A current rabies shot is required for registration.

The total number of dogs and/or cats allowed is two pets at any weight or not to exceed three with a combined weight of 150 pounds per MFH unit. “Aggressive” or “potentially aggressive” pets are prohibited. Excessive dog barking/howling is a primary complaint received by Housing Management.

Keeping your pet from becoming a nuisance to the neighbors is a must. Cleaning up after your pet is an ownership responsibility. Pet relief stations are located throughout housing areas. Pets are not allowed on playgrounds or sports fields and please do not allow pets to urinate or defecate on balconies.

Responsible pet ownership is a big commitment, and when done right, can be very rewarding. Further guidance on pets and general living in government quarters can be found in the Kaiserslautern Family Housing Brochure.

Please contact the KMC Housing Office at KMCHousing@us.af.mil or call 489-7108, commercial 0631-536-7108 for more information.