Housing Hype – February 24, 2023

KMC Housing Office offers a satellite office on Ramstein AB to help with housing out-processing!

This housing satellite office is in Building 2108 (across the street from Chili’s on Ramstein AB). The satellite office is available for out-processing ONLY and an appointment is required. Appointments must be made using Appointment Plus:

How to use Appointments-plus:


DON’T “SELECT BASE EVENT” ***this is for the briefing ONLY**** and if you select this the other options disappear.

Select Base Agency

– Housing (Ramstein Satellite Office)

Select Base Service

-Economy/Off Base Out processing (15 mins)

Then click on a date and choose a time.

The link for the out-processing instructions for economy and Military Family Housing is: https://www.housing.af.mil/ >>> RAMSTEIN AB >>> Out-Processing Package

All walk-ins will remain at the KMC Housing Office located on Vogelweh in Building 1001.

Please contact the KMC Housing Office at KMCHousing@us.af.mil or call 489-6672 for more information.