Housing Hype: Holiday Home Fire Safety


You must always keep in mind that fire safety is important no matter where we are in the world.  So, please understand that within several minutes a fire can easily become a life-threatening event. 

Facts about home fire safety during the holidays

  • One of every three home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems
  • A heat source too close to the tree causes one in every four of Christmas tree fires
  • December is the peak time of year for home fires

One Safety and Your Tree — Quick Tips

  • Natural trees should be cut at a 45 degree angle
  • Place tree away from sources of heat
  • Use only non-flammable decorations
  • Inspect lights for frayed wires or other defects before use
  • Do not leave lights on unattended
  • Keep the tree stand full of water at all times
  • When the tree becomes dry, discard it immediately

Did You Know:

Smoke and toxic gases kill more people than flames do.  Fire produces poisonous gases that make you disoriented and drowsy.  Asphyxiation is the leading cause of fire deaths, exceeding burns by a 3-to-1 ratio.  That is why it is important to ensure your smoke detectors are tested monthly and that batteries are replaced every 6 months.  When global time changes occur this is a great time to replace smoke detector batteries.

In reality, home fires do occur —your Military Housing Office highly recommends that you obtain “renters insurance” whether you live on or off-base — if you have questions and require further guidance on home insurance, please contact your Base Legal Office for guidance.

If you have any questions/concerns related to fire safety, please contact “the experts”…your local Kaiserslautern Military Community Fire Prevention Section — they can help to answer all of your concerns.


  • KMC Fire Prevention Section:  DSN 480-5940/Comm: 06371-475940
  • MHO Facilities Section:  DSN 489-7108/Comm: 0631-536-7108
  • Housing Referral Section (HRO):  DSN 489-6643/6659/Comm: 0631-536-6643/0631-536-6659

For Housing questions/concerns, please email KMCHousing@us.af.mil

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NOTE: the KMC Housing Office will close every Wednesday at 11:30 for administrative activities. 

Following are the “Holiday Closures” for the Furnishing Management and Housing Offices:

  • Dec. 18 – all day due to organizational function
  • Dec. 24 – Holiday
  • Dec. 25 – Holiday
  • Dec. 31 – Holiday
  • Jan. 1, 2021 – Holiday

Holiday Cheers!!!

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