Housing members must report fires with ‘SPEED’

Staff Sgt. Michael Listen
435th Civil Engineer Squadron

KMC members living on-base are required to report both small and large fires that occur in their residence.
According to KMC Instruction 32-2002 Chapter 1, 1.6. Fire Reporting Procedures, any individual working or residing on Ramstein or in the KMC who discover a fire are required to immediately notify the fire department by the quickest means available. All fires, suspected fires and evidence of past fires will be reported to the fire department.
All fires, no matter if they are as small as a towel catching fire, a trash can being ignited by an improperly disposed cigarette or a kitchen fully engulfed in flames, must be reported to the fire department. Depending on the nature of the call, the fire department will respond accordingly.
Members should not hesitate or be embarrassed because reporting a fire or possible fire damage is important.
“Even the smallest fire can create large problems. If a fire occurs and damage to government property is involved and never reported, the individual responsible for that apartment, dorm or office may be financially impacted,” said fire inspector Harald Mayer. “Report all fires, smells of smoke or any non-normal situations immediately. If a member is not sure what to do, call for emergency assistance immediately.”
According to officials, if a fire should occur, respond with a sense of SPEED:
S — Sound the alarm and alert members to evacuate from the fire location.
P — Phone the fire department and give the dispatcher your name, telephone number, building number, location of fire (room number), type of fire (electrical, etc.) and persons unaccounted for, if any.
E — Extinguish the fire, if possible. Use a fire extinguisher at the location.
E — Evacuate the facility or area. Close windows and doors. Leave the fire scene and remain clear of roads. Account for everyone.
D — Direct firefighters to the location of the fire and explain the situation.