How has Combat Proud improved the KMC?

***image1***Spc. Toni Bryant, Pulaski Dental Clinic, front desk clerk: The (base) gates look alot more appealing and you’re more willing to go in. The grass, flowers and landscaping are well maintained and have made it more attractive. ***image2***Chief Warrant Officer Carlo Cressotti, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Warrior Preparation Center, chief of security: Combat Proud is a good initiative. It has made the KMC brighter and more cheerful. You feel better when you dress nice and the KMC community is dressing nice.
***image3***Laura Loflin, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Warrior Preparation Center, exercise resource manager: Ramstein looks awesome. Alot of people paying attention to the little things makes a big difference. ***image4***Tech. Sgt. Ray Jefferson, Kisling NCO Academy, professional military education instructor: The landscape around the academy has been beautified and is much more inviting. They’ve laid sod, planted trees, shrubs and put in stone edgings. It’s time and effort well spent.