I am a marine

***image1***Staff Sgt. Ben A. Coleman is a Marine liaison at the 435th Medical Group Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility.

He greets all injured Marines, coming from downrange, arriving at Ramstein. His job is to keep the Marines family and unit updated about all the steps of the Marine’s progress through surgeries and doctor’s appointments while at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

 The thing he likes most about his job is, “seeing the faces of the Marines while boarding the aircraft. Just knowing how grateful they are when seeing a familiar face. It is not always easy for a Marine to be taken out of a combat environment.”

Duties: I provide orders and travel claims for all outbound Marines going back to CONUS, and handle and secure weapons aboard all fights to and from the armory.

Why did you join the military? I always wanted to be a part of something larger than me.

Time in Service: 14 years 

Hometown: Edmond, Okla.

Family:  Daughter, Erinn Nichol Coleman, 12 years old.

No. 1 goal in the next five years:  Own my own restaurant in Oklahoma City. I have been an executive chef for the past 12 years.  Also, become a 1st Sgt at my selected Marine Corps reserve unit.

Hobbies:  Cooking, rock climbing, lifting weights, photography and sports.

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