I am a soldier: Sgt. Samantha Nosek

***image1***Sergeant Samantha Nosek works on Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. She is a physical science technician in the U.S. Army Center for Health Pomotion and Preventive Medicine-Europe, which is an accredited environmental lab responsible for providing timely and sound scientific data for risk-based decision in the U.S. European Command and  U.S. Central Command areas of responsibility.

“I love the flow of military, DOD civilians and local nationals,” Sergeant Nosek said. “We have everything from colonels to privates first class; PhD’s to personnel with no college experience. And, each truly holds a vital role in our organization. It’s an amazing thing to see operate, especially when one considers exactly how important both our environmental and public health missions are.”

Duties: I perform 11 Environmental Analyses, producing data for more than 1,000 samples each year. I provide data on both the aesthetic qualities of the water, as well as potential health issues for water in the European and Middle-East theater.

Time in Service:
4 years (5 years in

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Family: Husband is Sgt. Nick Nosek, Mom is Joan Osborne.

Military goals in five years: Although I just attained my sergeant rank, I’m hoping to show enough motivation and potential to be promoted to staff sergeant.

Hobbies: Lots of traveling, school, and my new thing is scrapbooking

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