In case of an accident…..

The German Good Samaritan Law requires everyone to render appropriate aid in case of an accident or common danger or distress.
Failure to render aid can result in a fine or imprisonment.

Drivers must immediately notify security forces of accidents on U.S.
installations. If the accident occurs off a U.S. installation, drivers
are required to report the incident immediately to security forces
(Vogelweh 0631-536-6060/7070 or Ramstein 06371-47-2050). Local law
enforcement officials will be contacted at that time for assistance as well.
Reporting the incident immediately will help drivers if they have to
appear in court and when insurance companies need information.

Drivers’ involved in traffic accidents face a six-point assessment on
their record when charged with fleeing the scene of an accident;
especially if the accident causes property damage. Drivers may also
face additional point assessment and be charged according to their
status (active duty or civilian) for each violation after the initial
point assessment, depending the charges. It is imperative that all
accidents are reported, no matter how minor they may seem.