Incentive program promotes a healthy lifestyle

by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The Southside, Northside and Vogelweh fitness centers are offering an Incentive Program to emphasize total fitness and promote healthy lifestyles.

“It has been several years since something like this has been done,” said Rachel Miller, Incentive Program director. “I felt like it is a good thing to do to get members motivated to work out.”

The Incentive Program is available to all active-duty military, Department of Defense civilians, retirees and dependents over the age of 18 who are assigned to Ramstein.

“We are looking to promote healthy lifestyles,” Miller said. “It’s self-paced conditioning so it can be done whenever a person feels up to it.”

To participate, sign up at the Ramstein Southside, Northside or Vogelweh fitness centers and choose one or several fitness clubs.

“There are several different fitness clubs a person can join,” Miller said. “We have cycling, running, power walking, stepping, strength training and racquetball clubs.”
She said members track miles or hours by keeping a running total of either the time spent doing an activity, or the miles they walk, run, cycle or step.

“For each milestone reached the person is given an award,” the program director said. “We give away things like water bottles, towels, T-shirts and the big prize is the gym bag that we give away.”

In the cycling club, hop on a bike and take a ride around Europe or go to one of the cycling classes offered, she said.

“Being in the running club is fairly easy,” Miller said. “It is something that you can do at anytime, just be sure to track those miles.”

The power walking club is similar to the running club, however, it’s easier on the joints, she said.

“Whether on the elliptical trainer or stair stepper, you are burning calories,” Miller said. “Keep track of the distance you have climbed to get yourself to that next milestone and earn yourself a prize.”

Both the strength training and racquet ball clubs are tracked by hours, the more time spent lifting weights or playing racquetball, the closer a person gets to those prizes.

“We all need inspiration and motivation sometimes,” Miller said. “We hope this program will help people take action to become active and live healthy lifestyles.”

For more information, call the Southside Fitness Center at 480-0295 or 06371-47-0295, the Northside Fitness Center at 480-8085 or 06371-47-8085, or the Vogelweh Fitness Center at 489-7329 or 0631-536-7329.