Indoor playgrounds: Making your day much brighter!

by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer
Courtesy Photos
Courtesy Photos

It’s just one of those days. The snow has gone, but the sun is not out yet. Muddy streets, drizzling rain, cold wind blowing. The kids desperately want to romp and release their energy, but where to go?

Indoor playgrounds can be the answer. Usually equipped with toddler areas, bouncy castles or the like, double swings, table soccer, trampolines, ball canons and climbing towers, as well as snack bars, indoor playgrounds are the perfect alternative. Here’s a selection of locations in, near and not so far from Kaiserslautern.

Kinder Spiel & Spaß Fabrik
The Kinder Spiel & Spaß Fabrik’s specialty is a high ropes course. A video on the website shows some of the attractions.

Kinder Spiel & Spaß Fabrik
Entersweilerstraße 54,
67657 Kaiserslautern
Phone: 0631-341-00900
Visit: (available in English)

Children will especially love the dragon castle, climbing mountain, bungee trampoline, mega slide and indoor soccer at Yabadoo.

Indoor-Spielpark Yabadoo
Hauptstraße 86, 67678 Mehlingen
Phone: 06303-806069
Visit: (available in English)

This park has a water slide for use during the summer. Parents may use free WLAN during their stay.

Gewerbepark Neudahn 1,
66994 Dahn
Phone: 06391-910930
(not available in English)

Kids’ Inn
The Kids’ Inn boasts a volcano, towers, tunnels, slides, trampolines, ball pools, mini scooters and an infant area.

Kids’ Inn
Mahlastraße 96,
67227 Frankenthal (Pfalz)
Phone: 06233-4577
(available in English)

Apart from the classic bouncy castle, Kids-World has some new creations, such as Noah’s Arch, a giant jungle and a lighthouse.

Otto-Hahn-Straße 10,
68623 Lampertheim
Phone: 06206-53526
(not available in English)

Ole! Ole! Kinderspielplanet
Ole! Ole! focuses on educational concepts and the importance of exercise.

Ole! Ole! Kinderspielplanet, Gutenbergstraße 41, 68167 Mannheim
Phone: 0173-6626855
Visit: (not available in English)

Tobolino is one of the largest indoor playgrounds with 6,000 square meters of attractions.Visitors are allowed to bring their own food.

Franz-Matt-Straße 13,
76877 Offenbach an der Queich
Phone: 06348-983407
(not available in English)

Flip Spiel und Sportzentrum
Flip offers free additional events and programs every Sunday or on holidays. See the current program online.

Flip Spiel und Sportzentrum Grubenstraße 8A, 66287 Göttelborn
Phone: 06825-801717
Visit (not available in English)

Neue Kinderwelt
A specialty of Neue Kinderwelt is its merry-go-round. This indoor playground also features go-carts, bouncy castles and trampolines. For a better look at the playground, see the pictures posted on the website.

Neue Kinderwelt-Saarbrücken
Neumühler Weg 28,
66130 Saarbrücken-Güdingen
Phone: 0681-709606060
Visit: (not available in English)


Prices at these indoor playgrounds range from €6 to €8.50. Some locations offer free entry for adults or special prices for certain weekdays or times. Weekends and holidays are usually more expensive, but group tarifs or special event prices may turn out to be a good bargain.

Likewise, opening hours change during the week or season, so checking the websites first is recommended.

Keep in mind that all playgrounds are non-smoking. Also, for safety reasons, children are only allowed on the equipment in socks; no shoes are allowed.