Intramural basketball season gets underway

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

Ramstein’s intramural basketball season kicked off this month and the first game was Nov. 7 between 735CES and CC-AIR.
735CES kicked the year off with a 39-18 victory.

The intamural leage is broken down into an American League and a
National League, with the AL being home to twelve teams and the NL
hosting 13.

Games will run until the first week in February, which is when the playoffs will begin.

All, 25 teams in the league will make it into the playoffs, which will be held in single elimination format.

Although league-play has already got underway, there is still an
opportunity for additional players to be added to team rosters and
particpate this season.

Anyone wanting to join a team can be put into the players pool and be picked up by any team that needs a player.

To be placed in the players pool or to get any additional information
on intramural sports at Ramstein, contact intramural director Tammy
Johnson at 480-7661.