Intramural playoff season – Golf, softball teams begin competing for the title this weekend

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

The intramural golf playoffs start Tuesday and will run through the month of August.

The playoffs are broken down into a 33-team bracket, with three teams receiving a bye. The tournament will be played in a single elimination format until only four teams remain. Then, the format will switch to double elimination.

The rules for each match are head-to-head style of golf. Each team consists of four players, which will then be split into two-player A and B teams. The squads facing each other will pair their A teams and have them tee off together. Their B teams will tee off 10 minutes later.

After teeing off, the score will be kept in intervals of nine holes. The front nine is worth one point, the back nine is worth one point and the entire 18 holes is worth one point. If the score is tied between both teams, the team that shot the lowest score will advance.

All matches will be played at Woodlawn Golf Course.
The intramural softball playoffs start Monday and will boast a 26-team bracket, with six teams receiving byes.

Teams receiving byes are 435LRS, U.CSS, 426IOS, 735CS, 1CBCS and 723AMS.
The softball tournament will also be single elimination until the final four. Then it will convert to a double elimination format.

All softball games are held at the Ramstein northside and southside fitness center softball fields.

For details on the intramural playoffs contact Tammy Johnson at 480-5491.