Invitation to plant daffodils at Lake Ohmbach

The Fruit and Horticulture Club Schoenenberg-Kuebel­berg invites you to a special event at the recreation area Lake Ohmbach near Schoenenberg-Kuebelberg: Tomorrow helpers and volunteers are needed to plant daffodil bulbs around the lakeside.

Come with your family and friends, bring along a spade and support the members of the Horticulture Club during the planting process. The results of this autumn activity will become visible next spring when thousands of daffodils come into blossom around the lake. One hundred and fifty thousand daffodil bulbs have been planted in the past years and 5,000 more will be added this autumn. Leave a blooming tie of your stay in Germany by planting your personal daffodils at Lake Ohmbach. They will bloom again every year and contribute to the wonderful yellow setting of the lake in springtime.

The daffodil bulbs are provided free of charge. You will get a free certificate of participation as a memory and as a document of your volunteering.

All helpers will be rewarded with delicious potato waffles free of charge. The conservationist of the County of Kusel, Dieter Zenglein, will provide Information about the history of the potato and its way from America to the Palatinate.

Registration is not necessary. In case you would like to taste smoked trout for lunch offered by the fishing club please preorder this dish by calling 0173-4793777 or 06386-6903. Meeting point and time for the planting is tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the club house of the Fishing Club Westrich located on the shoreside of the community Sand (address: Hutschmuehle, 66901 Schoenenberg-Kue­bel­­berg / District Sand).

Enjoy this great family activity and be a guest of the Fruit and Horticulture Club Schoenenberg-Kuebelberg.

The project is funded by the European Union.