It’s spring cleaning time!

by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer


Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

My calendar is screaming that it’s time for some spring cleaning!

The minute the weather starts getting nice, this massive project presents itself. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore. So, grab your cleaning products and join me!

There are a couple things that can make this chore a success, rather than the dull and arduous burden it appears to be.

The first step is getting organized. Some great websites help get the job nicely arranged and subdivided into manageable tasks. Make a list of what really needs to be done. Don’t hesitate to put major jobs on your list, too. Be realistic about what can be managed within a day, but don’t forget your other duties and obligations. There is no point in planning to tidy your garage in one day from 8 a.m. to
5 p.m., when there are children, pets and husbands to care for, too.

Find out why there’s a mess and look for a solution. Maybe your doorway is always blocked with shoes. Buying a new shoe closet might solve that issue permanently. Start by looking at the problems that annoy you most. Work step by step, because trying to fix all your problems at once will inevitably lead to frustration.

Another fundamental fist step experts recommend is de-cluttering. Most of us have more than we really need. Psychologists actually say letting go of things is easier in spring than during winter times. Box up items you don’t need.

See if you can organize a garage sale. If not, the “Kaiserslautern Garbage Guide” can help you to find the proper place for every item (visit Also, you can call the KMC Recycling Center at 480-6919 for more information.

It is essential to create manageable tasks in order to make sure you succeed and end up feeling that sense of accomplishment. Positive stimulation is the key word. Don’t forget to treat yourself after each step. Little rewards help break up the pile of work into easy bits.

Finally, there is no point in cleaning if your loved ones keep trampling on your cleaned spaces. While it often appears much quicker to do any tidying job yourself, your spring cleaning will have a long lasting effect if you’re not the only one cleaning in your home. Find some tips for organizing a family cleanup day at

But the most important point is not wanting too much. Springtime will come around again next year, so leave some tasks for then.

But for this year, make a plan, set a timeframe, involve your loved ones and enjoy the freshest time of the year. After all, it’s spring!