January fuel price update

Courtesy of AAFES public affairs

According to the Department of Energy, pump prices for gasoline have been increasing through the holiday season as demand escalated.  Prices into the new year are expected to remain steady with oil remaining right around $61 a barrel.

 For the five weeks ending Dec. 25, the DOE average price for grades of fuel increased. According to DOE, the average price for regular unleaded fuel in the U.S. is 14.4 cents a gallon higher than it was at the same time last year.  As a result of this the January sell prices reflect the following average changes per gallon, by grade: regular + $.077, mid-grade + $.076, premium + $.078, diesel + $.070.

 AAFES continues to remind customers to check their gas coupons before filling up at ESSO or ARAL stations on the economy. The Series 7 POL gas coupons for Germany and The Netherlands expired Sept. 30 and are no longer accepted at stations on the economy. Series 8 POL coupons are available at AAFES facilities now. Customers may request refunds for unused Series 7 POL coupons, as long as they are still attached to the original booklet, at any AAFES facility, until Sept. 30.     

 Fuel prices for the month of January in Germany, based on the previous four-week DOE average, will be as follows: unleaded – $2.465, super unleaded – $2.570, super plus unleaded – $2.672, diesel – $2.767.