Kaiserslautern High School students visited Landstuhl Elementary School

Dana Kockx and her Kindergarten students at Landstuhl Elementary School enjoy Kate Bender, Zabrina Gibbs, Bella Valenzuela, and Grace Hauck as they read their storybook to them.Photos by Kendra Wagers

The KHS Chapter is a group of students interested in pursuing education past the classroom. We are representing our school at the Educators Rising conference for DODEA Europe. For the conference, we chose to participate in the storybook competition where we had to teach a lesson to elementary children through a storybook we created.

Kate Bender, Zabrina Gibbs, Bella Valenzuela, and Grace Hauck read their storybook to Ms. Alexis Boyanowski’s Kindergarten class at LES.

In two weeks, we illustrated and wrote a story to help kids be safe online. It follows a guinea pig who learns not to share personal information with strangers over the internet. In the end, her mother warns her of its dangers and they build a stronger sense of communication. Once we finished, we were welcomed to Landstuhl Elementary School to really see how the children would react.

Zabrina Gibbs, Bella Valenzuela, Kate Bender, and Grace Hauck talk with Alexis Boyanowski in the Kindergarten hallway at LES.

We went around to the lovely Kindergarten classes at LES and read to the kids. They were respectful, great in participation, and approved of our work! They liked the story so much that they asked for the copies we had brought in. Each classroom received a copy and our team left energized and excited to work with the school again.