Kaiserslautern sells world cup posters, coins

Petra Lessoing
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The city of Kaiserslautern is one of the hosts of the FIFA World Cup
2006 and is offering official memorial coins and a host city poster for
sale at the tourist office.

In cooperation with the Organization Committee Germany of the Soccer
World Association FIFA, Kaiserslautern published three series of
official memorial coins.

“The official coins are unique memorial items and brilliant world cup
ambassadors, and for us as the smallest world cup city they have a high
value,” said Kaiserslautern’s Lord Mayor Bernhard Deubig.

***image2***The coins of the 2005 series show city motifs combined with sports
elements on the front side. The back side shows the German eagle with
the crests of the 16 German states.

Three different qualities are offered: copper (€15), sterling silver
(€49) and gold (€180). The world cup coins are available in limited
editions, depending on the population of the world cup cities.

In 2006, to honor the world cup city of Kaiserslautern, a third series will be published.

Kaiserslautern’s official world cup poster presents an information
technology motif. Local citizens were asked earlier to vote on the
motif. Three were up to vote and the IT motif is to present
Kaiserslautern as an economic location concentrating on techniques and
research in the IT sector.

“It was important to find a motif which shows the international meaning
and unique character of the city,” said Edgar Gerhards from the winning
advertising agency. “Green forests would not have been enough.”
Cost of the world cup poster is €7.50.

“We hope that also our American neighbors are interested in taking
these memorial items,” said Werner Vondano from the city organization
office. “The items for sure would make nice Christmas presents.”

The poster and the coins are available at the Kaiserslautern Tourist office in the city hall.