Kaiserslautern tackles first reintegration for returning Soldiers

Christine June
415th Base Support Battalion

***image1***The 415th Base Support Battalion finishes up their first Redeployment and Reintegration Plan for Soldiers returning to the KMC from Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 p.m. today at the Kaiserslautern Community Activities Center, Kleber Kaserne.
First attendees were Soldiers from the 90th Personnel Services Battalion and 90th Postal Detachment, Kleber Kaserne; 200th Material Management Command, 21st Theater Support Command, Panzer Kaserne; and, 236th Medical Company, 30th Medical Brigade, Heidelberg.
“So far, it’s going very well. It’s a pleasure to know that all Soldiers understand what we are trying to do with reintegration,” said Lt. Col. David Hall, 415th BSB commander. “We are trying to adapt them back into the community, making sure they get all of their personal requirements in order.”
The U.S. Army Europe has initiated the seven half-day reintegration plan to reacquaint returning Soldiers into their communities. The 415th BSB activated the plan to help Soldiers switch gear from being down range to being home again.
“I like reintegration. It shows that they actually care about Soldiers,” said Sgt. Willie Walker Jr., assistant administrator, 90th PSB, who just returned from a year in Iraq. “They care about their well-being instead of just throwing them out there.”
His wife, Sgt. Antonette Walker, went through part of the reintegration plan with her husband and agreed that it is a good move for the Army.
“I think they need to see how the Soldiers are acting and feeling when they come back before they throw them out to the wolves,” Sgt. Antonette Walker, unit supply, 226th Medical Logistics, Miesau Army Depot.
The KCAC was transformed into an information shopping mall with a semi-circle of service centers and booths where redeploying Soldiers could take care of personal and professional issues. Soldiers were able to take care of driver’s licenses, privately owned vehicle registration, storage of household goods or vehicles, housing, admin, medical screenings and finances.
“I was very impressed when I walked in this morning,” said Sgt. Antonette Walker.
“We’ve got all the various agencies here that Soldiers need to see,” said Maj. David Tiedemann, 415th BSB operations director. “Subject matter experts from these agencies are here to answer any questions.”
Soldiers attended briefings from Army Community Service, Kleber Health Clinic, Chaplain’s Office, housing, safety and other agencies with information pertinent to redeploying Soldiers and their families.
Spouses can also attend these briefings, and child care will be provided free at one of the 415th BSB Child Care Centers, according to Major Tiedemann.
The 415th BSB will be conducting four to six reintegration plans at the KCAC over the next several weeks.