Kaiserslautern Texas A&M Club set to celebrate Aggie Muster

Former students of Texas A&M University will assemble in Kaiserslautern Thursday for the annual Texas Aggie Muster to honor all Texas Aggies who have died within the last year, said Muster Chair Iris Bishop, class of ‘99.

Various Muster activities, including social hour, dinner and a Muster program are scheduled. All former and current students, their families and friends of Texas A&M University are invited to attend.

The Texas Aggie Muster tradition, which spans more than a century, will be observed in more than 300 locations around the world. These Muster gatherings are held in many unique places ranging from battleships and foxholes during World War II to ballrooms and steak houses today.

Over the years, Aggie Muster has grown to be one of Texas A&M’s most revered traditions. Muster honors the memories of A&M men and women whose deaths prevent them from answering roll call at this year’s Muster. The roll call is a roster compiled of all former and current students who have died over the past year. As each name is called, a friend or family member will answer “Here!” symbolizing that their memory lives on in the hearts of Aggies everywhere. Muster is more than just a ceremony. It is also an annual way for Aggies to renew the loyalty and unity that constitute the foundation of their friendship for each other as well as their love and devotion for their school.

For more information regarding the Texas Aggie Muster held in Kaiserslautern, contact Ms. Bishop by calling 0176-648-58522 or by e-mailing Ktown@AggieNetwork.com.

(Article from Iris Bishop)