Karlovy Vary: spa town with hot springs

Brandi Maly

***image1***Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad in German) is a world famous spa town located in
the western part of the Czech Republic. It was founded by Czech King
and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV around 1350.

It is approximately two hours by bus from Prague and sits on the confluence of the warm-water Tepla River and Ohre River.

Karlovy Vary is historically famous for its hot springs which consist
of 13 main springs and 300 smaller springs. These mineral springs are
purported to have curative properties and can be used to create a
soothing cocktail to enrich one’s health and wellness. This cocktail of
health can only be sipped from dainty, porcelain spa cups that are
specially designed to preserve the temperature and carbon dioxide
content. Additionally, the cocktail can only be consumed while walking
at the springs, according to the Ten Commandments of the Karlovy Vary
Drinking Cure.

***image2***For souvenirs, Karlovy Vary is also known as the capital of the
Bohemian crystal and porcelain industry. Take advantage of the
wonderful deals on chandeliers as well. Shop around and do your
homework before you go.  

Have a taste of the traditional Czech spa wafers that are large, round
and thin and come in vanilla, plain, chocolate and my favorite,
cinnamon. In 1856, Karel Reitenberger started to produce them on a
large scale and they haven’t changed much since. You can purchase them
boxed in the stores. But, they are better served warm from street

Finally, the Grand Hotel Pupp is one of the most famous hotels in the
Czech Republic. The hotel’s oldest building dates back to 1701. This
world renowned hotel has 229 deluxe and first class suites and promises
to pamper its guests.
For a visual, rent the movie Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah: there
are some great shots of the hotel and the city in the movie.