Kids need monitors for safe school crossings

***image1***The KMC installation commander, school administrators and parents share a common interest in the safety of school age children.
The KMC Schools Liaison Office is requesting support to develop a volunteer crosswalk monitor program at all KMC Schools.
“Our goal is to develop a community volunteer program that focuses on keeping school age children safe,” said school liaison officer, Sheila Jolivette.
“As we work to develop this program, the Schools Liaison Office highly encourages members to provide input and recommendations.”
Each volunteer is asked to work a 30-day period to best support scheduling efforts.
“However, we will work to accommodate any hours (participants) can commit,” said Ms. Jolivette.
The installation Security Forces Squadron will train all volunteers and provide on-site support as needed.
However, the KMC SLO will manage the program.
The following duties and responsibilities of the school crosswalk monitors include:
• Duty hours from 7:45 to 8:15 a.m. and 2:40 to 3:10 p.m. each school day
• Assist students to cross street safely by stopping traffic
• Encourage safe behavior and awareness
• Report unsafe behavior by students and drivers to the KMC SLO and Security Forces
• Must speak English
For more information, call the Schools Liaison Office at 489-6771 or 0631-536-6771.
(Courtesy of KMC School’s Liaison Office)