Kingfish take division into championship

Chris Lockwood
Contributing writer

The  K-Town Kingfish, poised to take back the division championships from the SHAPE Seals in the Jan. 28 meet, took the lead midway through the competition, swam hard and never gave their opponent an opportunity to take the lead, making the Kingfish the division champs.

“On paper the SHAPE Seals had us beat, and they actually took more first place finishes then the Kingfish, but our team was so strong in depth that we pulled out the overall victory,” said Coach Bob Clinton. “I can’t think of a better way to end the regular season then to regain the division title.”

A turning point for the Kingfish, who trailed in the first half of the competition was Sonja Nelson’s 50-meter backstroke win after the break. She came from the outside lane to take the win.
“It really got folks pumped,” Coach Clinton said.

Another highlight was the decisive 13/14 and 17/19-age group Free Relays wins. The crowd was on their feet cheering and the swimmers responded, Coach Clinton said.

The 13/14 team of Neil Warrington, Camille Kaczmar, Monique Lockwood, Blake Davis set a season best time and put the Kingfish 17/19 relay on notice. Not to be out done, the Kingfish 17/19 relay of Alex Jaholkowski, Mindy Peirce, Teri Plotkin, and Keith Johnson went out and set their season best.

“The Kingfish put on a display at the meet that is not captured in the times or final score,” said team president Mark Pakradooni.

Other teams that competed were the Heidelberg Sea Lions, Lakenheath Barracudas and the Brussels Octopus; the final score after 40 events was K-Town 1067, Shape 915, Heidelberg 675, Lakenheath 337, and Brussels 318.

With the division championships over, the Kingfish are preparing for their final meet of the season defending their title as the European Forces Swim League Champions.

The EFSL Championships will be held this month in Italy and includes swimmers from Rota, to Berlin.