Kingfish win meet

Tech. Sgt. Chris Lockwood
Kaiserslautern American

Saturday, the Kingfish emerged victorious over Heidelberg, Wuerzburg, Wiesbaden, and Eiffel during their last home meet for 2005.

“It’s been a great ride the last few meets watching as almost all Kingfish swimmers improved their times,” said assistant coach Allyson Fuchs.

The Kingfish are on the fast track to the division Championship in January 2006 and show every sign of giving the defending champion Shape Seals a run for the gold.

“No matter how it finishes it will be fast and our swimmers will be at their best,” said coach Fuchs.

The meet was a success and the sportsmanship displayed by the Kingfish was outstanding, swimmers made every effort to shake the hands of their competitors. With two more meets before the Championships and the holidays upon us, the swimmers will continue to prepare and practice to keep their fitness levels up.

The following swimmers distinguished themselves with two or more personal best times and first place finishes: Tessla Barnes, Barbara Burriss, Kenny Cavanaugh, Shelby Chandler, Andrew Cooke, Alyssa Cummin, Andy Cummin, Blake Davis, Danny Edwards, Emily Ehlers, Alexanda Forzato, Ashley Fuchs, Olivia Grazak, LaJuann Harper, Alex Jaholkowski, Matt Jaudon, Keith Johnson, Camille Kaczmar, Casey Lang, Monique Lockwood, Frank Martin, Sophia Martin, Katie Money, Rachel Money, Sarah Money, Alan Muther, Kristian Nelson, Sonja Nelson, Seth Paige, Rebecca Pakradooni, Geoff Place, Harrison Place, Roni Place, Teri Plotkin, Ty Richerson, Carissa Savchenko, Hannah Shortsleeve, Connor Silveria, John Silveria, AJ Szczepaniak and Stephen Tarnowski.