KMC Arena hosts ‘Mortal Kombat’ Tournament

Ty “TheJoeBreezy” S. took home the gold after a convincing victory at KMC Arena’s Mortal Kombat Tournament March 23 at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center.

“TheJoeBreezy” went uncontested, knocking out crowd favorites such as Blake “Loco” D. and his brother, Connor “RainbowUnicorn” D., who landed “TheJoeBreezy” in the finals as the winner of the winners bracket in double elimination.

After “RainbowUnicorn” defeated “Loco” in nail-biting fashion in the semifinals, “RainbowUnicorn” and “TheJoeBreezy” met once again in the finals. What seemed like a possible comeback for “RainbowUnicorn” was quickly shattered as “TheJoeBreezy” assumed control of round three and won the match best out of five.

“I was a bit nervous going into the tournament and I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially when ‘Loco’ surprised us with a character switch,” said “TheJoeBreezy” after collecting his prize money. “I’m really happy with what KMC Arena is doing for us. It allows us gamers to get together and play the games we love in a legit tournament fashion with competitive rule settings like from MLG or Evo. I cannot wait until the next
tourney. ‘Soul Calibur’ anyone?”

Content with a second place finish, “RainbowUnicorn” was all smiles and said he is looking forward to the next tournament where he can showcase his skills and hopefully get the win.

Brian S., a KMC Arena board member, said, “We are very pleased with the turnout of players at our event, and it feels great to see military members and their spouses having so much fun. It’s just another way we can make a positive impact for the military members overseas.”
KMC Arena hosts video game tournaments on Ramstein for the purpose of providing a fun and constructive outlet for youth, Airmen and military families in the KMC area.

Currently, KMC Arena is planning its next tournament sometime this month. As of yet, the game for the next tournament has not been announced.

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(Courtesy of KMC Arena)