KMC Blotter

May 31
9:40 a.m.: Two individuals were traveling southbound in Freisen when one vehicle attempted to pass traffic in the right lane. When the other vehicle slowed to allow the other driver to pass, his vehicle was struck. The Airman driving one of the cars was taken to LRMC for whiplash and muscle soreness.

June 1
5 p.m.: An officer conducted an improper lane change and struck a local national’s vehicle, causing minor scratches to her vehicle. The officer departed the scene without rendering proper identification or contacting authorities. He was later contacted and advised of his legal rights.

June 2
11:05 a.m.: Family Advocacy reported possible child neglect. A dependent was transported to LRMC for medical evaluation due to dehydration, malnurishment, multiple bed sores and difficulty breathing.  Investigation is pending.

2:15 p.m.: An AAFES employee reported shoplifting in the KMCC.  The AAFES employee observed and recorded two females selecting property and departing the location without rendering proper payment. The total items amounted to $529.31.

June 3
12:20 a.m.: An Air Force NCO flicked a cigarette butt and threw his drink at another NCO. That NCO then pushed the Air Force NCO and punched him in the face. The Air Force NCO then spit on the other NCO and kicked him in his genital area. Both individuals were advised of their legal rights.

June 4
5:45 p.m.: Polizei reported possible child neglect. Investigation revealed a child was riding his bicycle on the autobahn.  Polizei escorted the child back to his residence and made contact with another child who said their parents had been gone since that morning.  Investigation is pending.

June 5
4:20 a.m.: Polizei conducted a routine traffic stop on an Air Force NCO and, upon contact, detected an odor of alcohol. The NCO was advised of his legal rights.

11:10 a.m.: Someone shattered the driver’s side window of an officer’s car and removed two black Navigon systems and one Apple iPad. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time.

June 6
9:28 p.m.: An Airman and his dependent were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical when the Airman attempted to leave the apartment and the dependent then scratched and slapped him and threw objects at him. The Airman then pushed the dependent. The Airman declined medical attention on the scene. Both individuals were advised of their legal rights.

UCMJ Actions
A squadron commander administered non-judicial punishment under Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice, to an Airman first class for violation of Article 113, misbehavior of a sentinel. The commander imposed punishment of reduction to Airman, 30 days restriction, 30 days extra duty and a reprimand.

AADD Statistics
June 3 ― 26 volunteers, 17 calls, 39 lives potentially saved.
June 4 ― 20 volunteers, 17 calls, 38 lives potentially saved.

Reported Larcenies
June 3
» Berlin: one Dell Netbook and three CDs.

June 5
» Kaiserslautern: two black Navigon navigation systems and one Apple iPad.