KMC Blotter

July 5

8:19 a.m: A soldier contacted BDOC to report theft from his motor vehicle. Unknown persons by unknown means removed items from his unsecure vehicle. There are no known suspects at this time.
4:15 p.m: A soldier entered BDOC to report larceny and assault. Two unknown Cauca-sian males followed the soldier and struck him in the back. When the soldier made it to his hotel he also noticed his wallet was missing.

July 6

11:15 a.m: An airman reported larceny and damage to property. Unknown persons by unknown means caused disabling damages to his entire vehicle and removed the tires, the radio, the license plates and the USAREUR registration. There are no known suspects or witnesses.

3:15 p.m: A civilians vehicle was removed from his residence. There are no known suspects or witnesses. A pick up Restriction Order was initiated for the vehicle to all SF members.

July 7

8:40 a.m: An airman reported theft from his motor vehicle on Landstuhl Post. Unknown persons removed property from his unsecure vehicle.

5:58 p.m:
A soldier reported a minor traffic collision. A local national struck the soldiers vehicle while it was parked due to misjudging distance. The local national fled the scene prior to SF and Polizei arrival. There were minor damages to the soldiers vehicle.

July 8

2:46 p.m: A soldier reported larceny of government property. She stated upon completing inventory of assigned equipment she discovered on HP Laptop missing at a value of $1975.52. There are no known suspects at this time.

July 9

4:05 a.m: Polizei reported an accidental death at Nachtschicht. An individual attempted to climb a fence and fell down approximately 20-25 feet striking the ground head first, sustaining lethal injuries to his head.

7:45 a.m:
Polizei observed a civilian operating his vehicle in an erratic manner. Polizei stopped the individual and upon contact detected an odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. The civilian was advised his legal rights.

8:06 p.m:  AAFES Manager reported a shoplifting of AAFES property.  The manager observed two individuals selecting items and depart the facility without rendering proper payment. The manager attempted to stop the two in the parking lot but the individuals fled the scene. The individuals were later picked up by SF members.

July 10

5:25 p.m: A soldier reported unknown persons shattered the front windown to his truck and unlawfully removed property. There are no known suspects or witnesses.

July 11

11:47 a.m: A local national’s vehicle struck and airmans vehicle and then fled the scene without making contact or notifying proper authorities.

AADD Statistics

July 8, 23 Volunteers, 5 Calls, 12 Saves
July 9, 17 Volunteers, 2 Calls, 3 Saves