KMC Blotter

AUG. 2
11:44 a.m.: A Soldier parked her vehicle at her residence where someone took multiple items. There was no damage caused to the vehicle.

AUG. 3
8:12 p.m.: A dependent reported larceny of government and private property. IKEA’s store video surveillance camera showed a young female remove the dependent’s purse from her shopping cart.

AUG. 4
11:30 a.m.: Polizei reported a possible abandoned vehicle in Pirmasens. A Soldier admitted to driving his vehicle with canceled insurance. The Soldier was advised of his legal rights.

AUG. 5
3:17 a.m.: Polizei stopped an officer during a routine traffic stop. Upon contact, Polizei detected the odor of alcohol. The officer was advised of her legal rights.
11:07 a.m.: An Airman and local national reported larcency of government property after two Dell monitors were taken from the Cyber Cafe. There are no known suspects.

AUG. 6
3:49 a.m.: An Air Force NCO reported items missing from his vehicle. There are no known suspects or witnesses.

AUG. 7
12:47 a.m.: A Soldier reported a major traffic accident in Kaiserslautern. Investigation revealed one vehicle struck a local national crossing the street. The local national did not use a cross walk. The local national was transported to Westpfalz Klinikum for a cut to the forehead.

10:25 p.m.: Polizei observed a civilian operating his vehicle in an erratic manner. Upon contact, Polizei detected the odor of alcohol. The civilian was advised of his legal rights.

AUG. 8
5 p.m.: An Airman reported theft of government and private property from a hotel room in Prague. There are no known suspects or witnesses.

Aug. 5 ― 22 volunteers, 26 lives potentially saved.
Aug. 6 ― 5 volunteers, 21 lives potentially saved.

» Ramstein-Miesenbach: one Garmin 900 series GPS, one Garmin 1380 series GPS, one ESSO fuel card and one vehicle registration

» Rodenbach: one sage bugout bag, one Ramstein AF Form 1199/Restricted Area Badge, one Seagate TB hard drive, gym clothes, one expired USAREUR registration and Esso Fuel rations card, one Peltor Shotgunner hearing protection and one pair of work gloves.

» Kaiserslautern: one TomTom navigation system and one Apple iPod touch.

» Ramstein-Miesenbach: one black iTouch, one pair of black sunglasses and one BMW iPod adapter.

» Spain: one white purse, one wallet, one ATM card, €60, one German  Ausweis, USAREUR certificate of license, numerous family photographs, one camera, one USB stick and various cosmetic products.