KMC Blotter

AUG. 9
10:42 a.m.: Two Airmen reported damage and larceny to government property in Hochspeyer, where part of a fence line was cut and a door/lock to the generator room was punched out.

10:53 a.m.: An Air Force member reported a major  traffic accident in Saarbrücken.

AUG. 10
10:16 p.m.: An Air Force NCO reported damage to private property in Hochspeyer. A Nissan truck was found with the right side passenger mirror dislodged.

AUG. 11
8:31 p.m.: A Soldier reported a major traffic accident on Kleber Kaserne involving a government-owned vehicle. No drugs or alcohol were involved.

AUG. 12
4:02 p.m.: Polizei reported burglary, damage and larceny of private property.

AUG. 13
2:25 p.m.: Polizei reported a major traffic accident. Investigation revealed there were no injuries, but the vehicle operators were driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

AUG. 14
5:58 p.m.: A report was made regarding damage to private property and drunk and disorderly conduct. Personnel were advised of their legal rights.

AUG. 15
2:19 p.m.: An individual reported theft from an unsecured government-owned vehicle on Kleber Kaserne.

6:22 p.m.: A police patrol reported a major traffic accident with injuries at the intersection of B-270 and L-502. The accident occurred due to one vehicle failing to yield right of way to another. Injuries included an airbag burn to the left lower forearm.

Aug. 13 ― 16 volunteers, 10 lives potentially saved.
Aug. 14. ― There are no statistics available for Aug. 14.

» Hochspeyer: generator batteries, 200 liters of diesel fuel and one fire extinguisher.

» Bruchmühlbach-Miesau: one  Citizen ECO drive watch, one 57 inch Hitachi flat screen LCD, one HPD desktop computer, one 22 inch Sonic computer screen, one Nintendo Wii game console with 15 games, one white gold wedding ring set and band, one Canon power shot camera, one Sony flip camera, one Mophie juice pack, one kinetic Seiko watch, one Sony PlayStation 2 with 40 games, one Nintendo Game Boy, one Nintendo DS, one JVC stereo receiver, one Sony blu-ray player, one Philips iPhone docking station and one JVC iPhone docking station.

» Kleber Kaserne: Government property ― one Dell Latitude-E6500. Private property ― three thumb drives, one passport, miscellaneous stamps, and one orange and black backpack.