KMC Blotter

OCT. 11
9:50 a.m.: Vandalism was done to government property at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center where “Sk8 for Life” and “Killa Cam” were spray painted on the air handler unit door and walls.

12:24 p.m.: A motor vehicle theft and damage was reported in Kaiserslautern.

OCT. 12
1:50 p.m.: Larceny of Army and Air Force Exchange Service property was reported at the shoppette on Pulaski Barracks after an Army sergeant stole 19.65 liters of super unleaded worth $65.92. The incident was captured on surveillance and the
suspect was advised of his legal rights.

OCT. 14
2:54 p.m.: A major vehicle accident was reported in Kusel. Investigation revealed the driver was traveling north when he fell asleep at the wheel causing his vehicle to strike a guard rail. No drugs or alcohol were involved.

OCT. 15
2:59 a.m.: Disorderly conduct and drunkenness was reported in Kaiserslautern after the subject, due to a high level of intoxication, injured another person. The suspect was arrested and advised of his legal rights.

OCT. 16
12:30 p.m.: Vandalism and damage to government property was reported at the KMCC. Investigation revealed that “CAPS,” “CID,” “007” and “KID” were spray painted on an air handler unit; “CID,” “KILLA,” “KDZM” and “KIDZ” were spray painted on the east side skylight; and “HCK and “Sk8 for Life” were spray painted on the north side skylight.

OCT. 17
10:20 a.m.: A theft and damage to private property was reported in Manacor, Spain. A rental car sustained damage to the passenger’s side rear window.

» A family member was barred from all U.S. military installations in Europe for vandalism and drunken driving.

» A family member was terminated from work and barred from all U.S. military installations in Europe for incidents of fraud.

Oct. 14 ― 29 volunteers, 14 calls, 22 lives potentially saved.
Oct. 15 ― 18 volunteers, 15 calls, 39 lives potentially saved.

» Kaiserslautern: one iPod Touch and one Navigon GPS.
» Pulaski Shoppette: 19.65 liters of gasoline worth $65.92.

» Kaiserslautern: Private and governemnt property was stolen, including €15, one GPS, one iPhone charger, Air Force PT shirt and shorts, one helmet, one  gas mask, one Second Chance Vest, one flak vest, one M9 holster, one ABU rain coat, one ABU rain pants, one ABU fleece, one blue police traffic vest, one police belt, handcuffs, one flashlight, one whistle, one Airman’s Manual, one A-Bag, two ballistic plates.

» Manacor, Spain: one pair of shorts, one wallet, one Common Access Card, one Sparkasse debit card, one Service Credit Union debit card, one USAREUR license, one German license, one GOV license, approximately €40 and approximately $25.