KMC Blotter

JAN. 24
5:36 p.m.: The 86th SFS responded to a report of shoplifting at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center where two civilian child dependents stole multiple items equaling a total value of $233.99.

8:59 a.m.: Theft of a secured motor vehicle was reported in Kaiserslautern.

JAN. 25
8:24 a.m.: Theft from a secured motor vehicle was reported in Kaiserslautern.

9:24 p.m.: Theft from a motor vehicle was reported in Einsiedlerhof.

JAN. 26
3:31 p.m.: Damage to private property was reported at Kapaun. The passenger’s side rear wheel of an Audi was scratched and dented.

JAN. 27
8:46 p.m.: Larceny of unsecured private property was reported in Landstuhl-Atzel.

JAN. 28
12:35 p.m.: A break-in and theft from a motor vehicle was reported in Kaiserslautern.

1:40 p.m.: A break-in and larceny of secured private property was reported in Niederkirchen.

JAN. 29
8:01 p.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported in Waldmohr. A motorist fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the vehicle, causing disabling damages to the entire vehicle. Injuries included a cracked sternum, broken rib, and chest and back pain.

JAN. 30
4:10 p.m.: Damage and larceny of government property was reported at the TLSC-E. Assorted tools and 12 non-removable locks were stolen.

• Three family members were barred from all U.S. military installations in Europe for the use and distribution of controlled substances.

• A civilian was terminated from work and barred for possession of controlled substances.

Jan. 27 ― 39 volunteers, 12 calls, 24 lives potentially saved.
Jan. 28 ― 19 volunteers, 18 calls, 49 lives potentially saved.

» KMCC, Ramstein: two bras, one silver bracelet, three pairs of silver earrings, two gold necklaces, one pink lip liner, one blush brush, one lip injection extreme, one bronzer, one black wallet, one Victoria’s Secret jewelry roll bag.
» Kaiserslautern: one Brazilian passport, one Portuguese identification, one vehicle registration, one ESSO gas card and one ABU blouse.

» Kaiserslautern: two backpacks, one jacket, one pair of sunglasses, one pair of ski gloves, one Cartier pen and one flashlight.
» Einsiedlerhof: one iPod 4, one Garmin GPS, two bottles of cologne, one pair of Bulgari sunglasses, one Air Force PT uniform and €20 in change.

» Kaiserslautern: one navigation system, tools and one blanket.
» Niederkirchen: one foldable knife, one bottle containing 1 milligram of Synphroid, one Breitling chrome watch, one prescribed bottle of Amitiptyline, one prescribed bottle of Gabapentin and one prescribed bottle of Promethazene.

» TLSC-E: assorted sets of mechanical tools.