KMC child supervision: the guidelines

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American 

Every military installation has some type of child supervision policy and the KMC is no different.

Established in October 2003, the KMC Child Supervision Policy gives parents guidelines to follow while living here.

The policy was created by a working group of agency and organization representatives, which identifies community trends, reports findings and recommends action.

The policy pertains to all Army and Air Force personnel and dependents and is effective on- and off-base.

Anyone can report the policy being broken if they see it in the community. Reports can be directed toward the nearest law enforcement desk and from there will be referred to family advocacy.

Family advocacy will then contact the first sergeant of the reported parent and an appointment will be made for the family to meet with a social worker.

“A lot of the times on military bases, parents feel their children are safe, but there are still a lot of things that can happen,” said Susan Curry, Ramstein Family Advocacy outreach manager.

Some child neglect cases are more severe than others and won’t all be treated the same. The criteria of each report will be reviewed before a plan of action is established.

It should also be noted that the policy is not made to fit every parent’s situation. Parents with special needs kids should use their judgment rather than referring to the policy chart.

For more information on child supervision or the family advocacy program contact Ramstein Family Advocacy at 479-2370 or the Army Family Advocacy at 489-6476.