KMC fight clubs a disturbing pastime

Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Group

Remember that movie from 1999 – it starred Brad Pitt and was a story about an underground fight club – pretty cool, huh?

Maybe so, but not when these fights involve our own children. In most cases, these so-called “fight clubs” are nothing more than planned, or even unplanned, fist fights.

Such fist fights are held in secret, usually in a basement or other off-limits area, between willing and at times coerced opponents. In addition to the fighters, fight clubs can have a referee, a photographer and even an audience.
Unfortunately, such fist fights have recently appeared in the KMC. To date, no known injuries have been reported as a result of the fights, but if they continue, this is sure to change.

Recent reports from the U.S. also call attention to “fight clubs” in high schools. Unfortunately, history shows that these “clubs” have led to crime, gang activity and bodily injury.   

Parents and guardians should speak to their children about the dangers of fighting, where cuts and bruises, lost teeth, broken bones, internal bleeding and even deaths have been documented.

Although these fights may start as “friendly” events, they can easily turn more serious. In addition, parents should emphasize that if their children are caught in such fights, appropriate action will be taken by command and the Department of Defense Dependents School system. 

For young people interested in a serious one-on-one athletic challenge, KMC Youth Services programs offer supervised wrestling and martial arts, as well as many other after-school activities.  Check out their Web site at for more information.