KMC honors children with National KidsDay

Betsy Allen
435th Services Squadron

The 435th Services Squadron has a National KidsDay celebration Saturday at Ramstein Air Base’s Donnelly Park.
National KidsDay is a day to celebrate and honor children through the gift of meaningful time. “Meaningful time is time spent between adults and children that both consider engaging, important and enjoyable,” said Ramstein Youth Programs Director Dorothy Choate.
“People without children are invited to this event; your visit with the children is sure to be enjoyed by all.”
The event includes activities such as water games, a dunk tank, relay races, pony rides, face painting, bouncy castle, Sparky the Fire Dog, McGruff the Crime Dog and more.
“National KidsDay will help give America another opportunity to let children know they are special and loved, whether they are our own children, our grandchildren or any child,” said KidsPeace President and Chief Executive Officer C.T. O’Donnell II.
“In an often confusing and ever-more complicated world, this knowledge helps give kids peace.”
The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, KidsPeace and other leading youth-serving, community and educational organizations spearhead this event annually.
The move to honor America’s children began in 2001, and three years later, more than 4,000 communities have participated. This year, National KidsDay celebrations will take place in hundreds of cities across America and at overseas military bases.
For details, call Ramstein Youth Programs at 480-6444.