KMC lifters take overall honors

Christine June, Story and photo
415th Base Support Battalion

***image1***Men and women came from all over, as far as Kuwait to compete in the 415th Base Support Battalion Invitational Power Lifting Meet Saturday at the Landstuhl Fitness Center and Gymnasium, but KMC lifters proved to be stronger by capturing overall titles.

Horace Youson, from Ramstein, and Debra Jackson, from Kaiserslautern, were honored as the top male and female lifter at the meet.

There were seven male and six female lifters competing in four weight categories in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift events.

Total weight from the best lifts from all three events for Jackson was 270 kilograms (594 pounds) and for Youson was 560 kg (1,232 pounds).

Jackson, who weighed in at 122 pounds, is a seven-time Amateur Athletic Union World Champion, holds the record for the deadlift of 385 pounds at a body weight of 121 pounds.

“I’m using this meet to get me in rhythm and tune with the mind and body, so I can make sure I do better at the world championships this year,” said Jackson, who just returned from Iraq 10 months ago. “My goal is to break my record with a 400-pound lift.”

Youson has had quite a power-lifting year, taking first place in his weight category of 156- to165-pounds at the U.S. Forces in Europe Power Lifting Championships in February at Heidelberg, U.S. Military Power Lifting Nationals in March at Heidelberg and U.S. Air Forces in Europe Power Lifting Championships in April at Mildenhall, England.

“I love the sport, and I love to be a competitor,” said Youson, who weighed in at 157. “It gives you confidence and motivation to constantly improve yourself.”

Lift results are for first- and second-place winners listed in kilograms for squat, bench, deadlift and total:

Women’s Division:
Weight class 60 kg: 1. Debra Jackson (Kaiserslautern) 90, 57.5, 122.5=270 2. Griceus Nieves (Mannheim) 75, 0, 125=200 Weight class 67.5 kg: 1. Sharon Mullens (Kuwait) 47.5, 42, 95=185
Weight class 75 kg: 1. Karen Edmonds (Vielseck) 92.5, 60, 112.5=265 2. Jennifer Greco (Landstuhl) 47.5, 40, 100=187.5
Weight class 90 kg: 1. Kimberly Blaum (Ramstein) 40, 40, 87.5=167.5
Men’s Division:
Weight class 75 kg: 1. Horace Youson (Ramstein) 217.5, 132.5, 210=560
2. Ackah Kwansah (Hanau) 102.5, 175, 172.5=450
3. Luis Mendoza (Ramstein) 105, 112.5, 127.5=345
Weight class100 kg: 1. Tran Minh (Ramstein) 180, 182.5, 255=617.5
Weight class 110 kg: 1. Fred Lehman (Heidelberg) 227.5, 0, 250=477.5 2. Gary Lange (Landstuhl) 100, 82.5, 137.5=320
Weight class 125 kg: 1. John Svalina (Grafenwoehr) 147.5, 237.5, 147.5=532.5