KMC Notices and Events – June 24, 2016

Traffic impact on L369
Motorists must expect detours and delays along road L369 in the vicinity of Ramstein East Gate, specifically between the A6 traffic circle and Harmon Gate from 9 a.m. today to approximately 8 p.m. Tuesday. Due to construction, L369 will be completely closed in the vicinity of Harmon Gate from 9 a.m. today until 8 p.m. Sunday. This will mean that direct access to the east gate is only possible via Mackenbach Road. Access to Ramstein from the east — Einsiedlerhof-A6 intersection — via LVIS Gate will be possible from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Normal LVIS Gate hours will resume Monday. Road L369 will be open as a one-lane road with a temporary traffic light beginning at 8 p.m. Sunday until 8 p.m. Tuesday. Access to the Ramstein East Gate via Mackenbach Road will continue unobstructed. This limited access may cause moderate to severe delays by the east gate. Team Ramstein leadership strongly recommends using the Ramstein West Gate or LVIS Gate whenever possible. While building the region’s new, premier military medical center near Ramstein, road work will be commonplace. Leadership will appreciate motorists’ patience and understanding.

UH superintendent job opening
The 86th Civil Engineer Squadron has a vacancy for the unaccompanied housing superintendent position. The UH superintendent oversees 13 Airmen dormitory leaders who manage 17 dormitories valued at $210 million and house over 1,300 Airmen across Ramstein and Kapaun.

The primary mission of the UH section is to:
• Provide a clean, safe and secure living environment for residents
• Manage day-to-day operations of permanent party UH facilities
• Determine eligibility, assign, terminate and maintain waiting lists for quarters
• Conduct initial, pre-final and final inspections
• Promote and implement quality-of-life improvements to dormitories
• Mentor residents and assist them in their adjustment to military life, development of military attitude and enhancement of social skills
• Ensure resident compliance with directives and military living standards
• Maintain open lines of communication between residents, first sergeants, commanders and wing leadership
• Duties as required in AFI 32-6005 and applicable supplements

UH Superintendent application criteria is as follows:
• Must be E-7
• Two years remaining on station
• Local commute within 30 minutes of Ramstein
• No selective re-enlistment bonus in current Air Force specialty code

To apply, compile the following package:
• Current SURF
• Current physical training assessment printout, minimum fitness score of 80 percent
• Last three enlisted performance reports
• Commander’s letter of recommendation

Forward complete packages by July 15 to Debbie Perez at and Senior Master Sgt. Calandra Folds at

Retirement briefing
The next retire in Germany briefing conducted by the 86th Airlift Wing Retiree Activities Office will be held at 10 a.m. July 28 in
Bldg. 2120, room 102. To attend the briefing, sign up with the RAO by phone at 480-5486 or via email at

Attention dog owners
Due to recent events, the Landstuhl police authorities want to stress that dog owners must ensure their dogs are walked on a leash within a city or community. Outside a city or community, a dog has to be put on a leash immediately when other people approach. There were complaints brought to the police, especially in the district Melkerei, that dogs are walked without a leash and dog feces are not removed.
Dog owners must also make sure that public roads, paths, squares and parks are kept clean. Dog owners are responsible for the disposal of dog excrements. Dog owners who disregard regulations can be fined.