KMC visitors on base require pass

KMC members are advised of the following when escorting visitors on base:

! Air Force Form 75, the visitor pass, or the computer generated equivalent, will be issued to all visitors. The form may be issued for a maximum of three days.
! Sponsors must be present at installation entry point when the guest is signed in
! Guest and sponsor must provide a valid passport, with appropriate visa if applicable or a National Identity card
! By signing a visitor onto the installation, the sponsor accepts full responsibility for the visitor’s location, conduct and departure
! Visitors may enter and exit the installation with or without the sponsor as long as the pass is valid
! Sponsors must remain with their guests at all times during Force Protection Conditions Charlie and Delta
! The automated picture pass may be issued for a maximum of 90 days
! Visitors will be instructed to return the pass to the Visitor Control Section or place it in the drop box located at the outbound traffic lane upon expiration or when no longer needed.
For more information, call the visitor’s center at 480-5775.
(Courtesy Ramstein Visitor’s Center)